COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

St. Athanasius School Families,

Last week, the Office of Catholic Schools put out a pulse survey to principals, staff, and parents to determine how people are feeling about in person learning at this point in the year. We know that survey led to some questions within our community as to whether we would switch to remote learning between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Based on the information collected, there are schools in the Archdiocese that will be recommended to switch to a fully remote schedule from Thanksgiving to Christmas. St. A’s will continue to offer in person learning as planned. Obviously, if the situation changes and we need to make a shift at any point, that option remains, but there will not be a system-wide shift to remote learning at this time. 

We thank everyone who has responded to the Thanksgiving Travel form. Our teachers appreciate you taking the time to complete this. We understand that due to current conditions, some people’s travel plans may change at the last minute. That’s okay; if your plans change, please send Principal McClay an email. If you choose to travel, we will accommodate your students remotely for the necessary time when you return.

Thank you for your continued support for our school, students, teachers/staff and fellow families. Each day we have in school is a gift and we are grateful for all of the work that goes into each day to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. 

As you know, the incidence of Covid in the broader community is significantly increasing. The measures we have at school have been effective, and we are grateful for your continued support in their enforcement. Safety measures at school will help us to stop spread, but safe practices at home are the best prevention from contracting Covid. As a reminder: 
  • If a student becomes sick at school, he/she will be sent home along with any siblings. 
  • If a student stays home sick from school, his/her siblings should stay home as well unless illness is confirmed not to be Covid. 
  • If a household member is sick, students/employees should stay home from school unless it is confirmed that the household member does not have Covid. 

It has been our practice to extend the opportunity for remote learning if a student will be absent for three or more consecutive days. If a student is quarantined, and we know they will be out, we can switch them to remote learning before the third day. If a student is sick, they should rest and recover, and we will switch them to remote learning on the third day should they continue to be home. Our teachers are balancing a lot during the school day, and it is helpful for them to know in advance who will be in front of them in the classroom and at home. Thank you for understanding. 

When in person learning was selected for your children, agreements were made that all protocol would be followed in order to protect our students and staff from illness. We appreciate everyone adhering to this protocol. 
If/when a close contact, presumptive positive, or positive case is reported to me, we must submit that information to the Archdiocesan Covid Task Force. They issue the necessary quarantine, and make the determination of whether to move a student, cohort or the school to remote learning for a period of time. In the event of a positive case report, we also work with the Evanston Health Department to ensure that we are following all of their recommendations. 

As you know, St. Athanasius School follows the City of Chicago travel guidance. You are likely aware that this guidance was updated last week. 
  • If a student/staff member travels to a RED state, he/she will need to quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to the school building. 
  • If a student/staff member travels to an ORANGE state, he/she will need to quarantine for 14 days OR present a negative Covid test upon his/her return in order to return to the school building.
  • If a student travels to a YELLOW state, no quarantine is necessary. 

This is, again, to protect all members of our community and 
keep as many students learning in school as possible. We know it is difficult. The recommendations at this time are to limit any unnecessary travel.

We are continuing to remind students frequently about maintaining distance from one another, enforcing routine hand washing and sanitizing, and proper wearing of masks. If you haven’t had a conversation with your students about continuing these practices outside of school, we encourage you to do so. Finally, you should be receiving regular updates from the Office of Catholic Schools via email. Please take the time to read these updates. 

Thank you for your continued partnership.

If at any time your family finds yourself quarantined or in need of assistance in any way, the St. A’s Friends is an outreach ministry to support members of our parish and school who are in need due to illness, death of a loved one, or family stress (new baby, moving, separation, etc.). During the pandemic, the St. A’s Friends are here to provide confidential support to anyone who needs to social distance or quarantine, or if you or a family member have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The St. A’s Friends can be reached via email at or by contacting the Parish Office at (847) 328-1430.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Principal McClay. Thank you.

Carol McClay, Principal
Father Hernan, Pastor

Last updated: November 21, 2020

Additional Updates

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  • Community-in-need & volunteer assistance: The parish is offering assistance to those in need; if you, or someone you know, is in need of groceries/medications, or could use someone to chat with or check in on him/her, a group of volunteers would like to help. Email with your request. If you would like to volunteer to help community members, please join St. A's Lotsa Helping Hands Community Site via this link.
  • PSO Lunch Program helping to provide meals to hospitals: Read more about how to help our PSO Hot Lunch Program divert resources to help feed healthcare professionals at two local hospitals.  
  • Learning resources via YouTube: St. Athanasius School and the Archdiocese of Chicago are working together to provide additional quality eLearning for all our students. Access the learning library herewhich provides extra resources to our students.

During this time, please continue engaging with friends, family, and St. A's through our social media:

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